Frequent asked questions

What is a CULTURAL, TAPAS and WINE walking tour ?

The tour that we offer is a gastronomic cultural, tapas and wine walking tour.  Made up of these four parts (culture, tapas, walking and wine) it is a guided walking tour for “foodies” who have an interest in wine, tapas and local culture.  The food (tapas) is paired with wine at each stop and both are explained well so that you have an understanding of what you are eating and drinking.  We visit great food places in our tour.  The tour focuses more on the current culinary scene in Barcelona and the present life in Barcelona.  We taste casual and classic foods - pork, cheese, fish, seafood etc., and we will follow an off-the-beaten-path.  The Tapas and Wine Tour is an introduction into the local life in Barcelona: we talk about the history of Barcelona, geographical influences, local cultures and language.


How much food will be served?

We believe the dishes served make for a full meal, and most of our guests say they’re full at the end of the walk. That said, we believe the quantity of the food served is not the only, or the primary metric of a food tour, and we will always give preference to quality over quantity, and our primary goal is to show you what’s good here.

I am a vegetarian/vegan/lactose intolerant/celiac. Is the walk for me?

Tough question that deserves an honest answer.  On the guided tour the options would be less if not able to eat meat (pork), fish, seafood, wheat grains, breads and cereals or dairy products.  There would still be some suitable vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free options available at each of the eating stops.  Please also note that there would still be meat, dairy products, gluten products and in particular pork options available on the table for other guests to enjoy who are able to eat these products.  We do our best to accommodate an allergy or restriction. That said, we still want to show a true image of what Catalan and Spanish   cuisine is all about.


For instance, pork products, fish and cheese are all included in our guided tour, and thus leaves less to offer to vegetarians and people intolerant to processed milk. We are able to serve some vegetarian or gluten-free dishes but we would be lying if we said it was in any way fully representative of the Spanish cuisine. Spanish cuisine focuses on pork and seafood, and while we do like to take vegetarians on our walk, a limited assortment of dishes should be expected if you want to eat Spanish and Catalan cuisine and not eat meat or seafood. Celiacs (people with gluten allergy) are welcome to join our walks, with a slightly modified and limited assortment of dishes. We do write this now to avoid any disappointments later. We think that when it comes to food allergies and dietary restrictions, honesty is the best policy.


I do not drink alcohol. Is that a problem? Can I get a discount?

We are able to provide a non-alcoholic option to any adult not drinking wine. We incorporate wine tasting in the guided tour.  It is a Tapas and Wine tour after all.  Unfortunately, we do not provide discounts for people who do not drink alcohol (wine) or prefer non-alcoholic options.  The cost of the guided tour is the same fixed amount per participant. We hope you understand.


Is this tour suitable for children?  Do children get a discount?

The guided group tapas and wine walking tour that we are currently offering is suited to people with an interest in wine as wine tasting is a part of the tour.  The tour is a tapas and wine walking tour.  As there is a large focus on wine the tour is not suitable as an activity for children.  Participants would need to be of legal drinking age to partake in the guided tour.